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Path to Success with Expert Guidance



The recruitment industry is competitive to enter with high earnings potential and a wealth of career opportunities on offer.

Are you looking to enter the recruitment industry, but you’re struggling to get your foot in the door and don’t know why?


Maybe you’ve forwarded your CV for roles, but have had no success or have been rejected?


Have you reached interview stage but have not been successful because of lack of experience and knowledge of what a Recruitment Consultant actually does day to day, how they do it and why they do it?


At We Are Alliance we offer a unique recruitment, training, coaching and consultative service to individuals committed to a career in recruitment.

We have over 20 years recruitment industry experience in top billing, interviewing, recruiting, on-boarding and ultimately coaching and training a vast amount of trainees to exceptionally high levels of success. We have the knowledge and ability to ensure you are in the very best position to secure the right trainee recruitment role for you in the North West.

So, how do we do this?


Attend the We Are Alliance Trainee Recruiter Academy

Individuals can have the right desire, commitment and motivation to enter the recruitment industry, but have limited knowledge of the details and processes involved in the role. We solve those problems for individuals through the WAA Trainee Recruiter Academy.

We initially speak to, qualify and assess potential WAA Academy Attendees as part of the process and invite those individuals who have the appropriate drivers and background to the Academy sessions. The WAA Academy is free to all Academy attendees.


WAA Trainee Recruiter Academy - 1 full day intensive, interactive and highly informative course where you will learn:


  • best practice, practical recruitment processes – the very best tried and tested methods, steps and tangible, real life examples of how to develop a successful recruitment market

  • market mapping, business development, negotiation and objection handling methods, job and candidate qualification, analysis and consultation techniques, client and candidate management, candidate resourcing, attraction, headhunting and talent pooling

  • about the recruitment market, trends, influences and recruitment role types



Let’s take a look at your CV…


On successfully passing through the WAA Trainee Recruiter Academy, we make sure your CV and covering letter is the very best it can be.


CV’s are tough to write at the best of times, and if not written correctly, can be the first stumbling  block of getting your foot in the door to interview in any career, but especially the recruitment industry.


We work with you to format your CV to sell you, your key skills, achievements and accolades, to ensure each recruiting  decision maker can see instantly why they should bring you in for interview.



We get you out into the recruitment market


We present you to the recruiting decision makers, in the right kinds of Recruitment Consultancies for you and your commutable location. Having got to know and train you and by presenting your excellent CV and covering letter, our conversations with decision makers puts you in the strongest position to secure interviews. The combination of your market leading knowledge of recruitment processes and methods, our extensive access to recruitment decision makers in the North West, a 1st class CV and covering letter with the accolade of having passed through the WAA Trainee Recruiter Academy as well as our consistent support will put you way ahead of the competition to secure the trainee recruitment role you are looking for.



Interview confirmation, organisation, preparation and feedback

We'll work closely with you to manage your interview schedule and prepare you for your meetings. We will be there to guide and consult you every step of the way, providing quality feedback at every stage.


Offer, acceptance, on-boarding and on-going support

We’ll be there for you to discuss your offers, opportunities and options to ensure you make the right move for you. With our full support and guidance, we’ll ensure your smooth on-boarding with your Recruitment Consultancy and be there for you in your new, trainee role 24/7 to offer you any help you need.

Any questions for us?

We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us for a conversation.


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