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Recruit Trainees with a Difference


We understand recruiting new talent is tough – it takes up vast amounts of time that we don’t have, vital team resources that are needed elsewhere in the business and incurs an element of financial risk when you feel the potential trainees you’ve interviewed may not work out.


If things don’t work out, attrition is costly and disruptive, and unfortunately things can perpetuate into a vicious cycle especially when new Trainee Consultants are urgently needed to service growing workloads and ensure client retention or facilitate growth plans.


The Recruiter Academy

The Recruiter Academy saves recruitment consultancies valuable time, money, resources and attrition by drastically reducing the variables in the trainee recruitment process by introducing prospective Trainee Recruitment Consultants who:


  • have been fully qualified and specifically chosen to attend the The Recruiter Academy as individuals committed to a career in recruitment

  • have excellent references plus previous experience and demonstrable achievements within sales or a customer service environment – outlined in each CV and covering letter

  • have attended and successfully passed through The Recruiter Academy (1 full day course- take a look at our Become a Trainee Recruiter section for more information on Academy content)

  • have been assessed in relation to their best fit for certain industries, market type and recruitment role i.e. permanent, contract or temp, 360, 180, Researcher, Account Management

  • are reliable, flexible and realistic as candidates, and are ready to interview to ultimately begin their career in recruitment

  • have completed ALL of the above processes and assessments before their details are presented to you, the client

Our candidates who pass through the The Recruiter Academy gain a comprehensive, practical understanding of best practice recruitment processes and methods: what a Recruitment Consultant actually does, how they do it and why they do it.

We dispel the assumptions and guesswork surrounding the role of a Recruitment Consultant with our candidates, and focus on the real practical processes involved including tangible working examples to enable our candidates to gain a true understanding of the role, processes and methods, responsibilities and expectations in recruitment. Ultimately, the methods of how to be very successful.

As a result, clients have an extremely positive interview experience to confidently move forward with the right individuals that fit their organisation to offfer stage. Interviews have far more substance, depth of content and relevance: our The Recruiter Academy candidates have an understanding of processes, methods and the reasons behind them enabling far greater scope for more informed discussion.


We do all of the initial candidate sourcing, qualifying, training and candidate management so you don’t have to.

We want you to spend your valuable time interviewing The Recruiter Academy candidates we present to you and placing the right individuals for you on your team. We do the rest.


The Recruiter Academy – Our goals in line with your needs

Having 20 years’ recruitment industry experience in top billing, interviewing, recruiting, on-boarding and ultimately coaching and training a vast amount of trainees to high levels of success, we understand the importance of recruiting the right people for your company ethos and culture to nurture, develop and retain.

Our thorough sourcing, qualification and training through the The Recruiter Academy of the right, committed individuals allows clients to hold high quality interviews with informed trainee candidates, leading to offer and successful placement.

Expand your team with quality trainees who will truly add value to your organisation from the moment they join with the ability to hit the ground running through the training, guidance and support of the The Recruiter Academy.


Getting to know you and your organisation

We get to know our clients exceptionally well.

It’s vital we understand each recruiting Manager and Directors’ requirements, interview processes and required outcomes, company culture, plans and goals to ensure we can facilitate your needs and match the right individuals to each opening.

Recruiting for multiple Trainees currently or in the future?

The sooner we understand your needs and future growth plans, the quicker we can prepare and deliver on your requirements. We can facilitate specific client requirements with exclusive The Recruiter Academy days to ensure multiple requirements are successfully filled to specific timescales.

Any questions for us?

Contact us anytime, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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